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The Impact Driven Entrepreneur: Scale and grow your online business with group coaching

Aug 21, 2017

Kate McCarthy is a copywriter and a brand voice mentor for creative entrepreneurs. Are you ready to really connect with your people?

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In this episode, Kate McCarthy and I talk about:

· Her journey into entrepreneurship
· Sleek versus authentic copywriting
· Finding your true self or merging different aspects of your personality
· The game changer for authenticity
· Reaching more people and making bigger impact

How to connect with Kate McCarthy:
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Resources mentioned:
· Kathleen Shannon (
· The Impact Driven Entrepreneur 06 On Air Coaching Session: How to Create Your Packages with JackieMedeiros (
· Brene Brown (
· Seth Godin (
· Kate K. McCarthy Resource Library (
· Unedited: Your Guide to Effortless and Authentic Content (

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