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Sep 4, 2017

Amy Walsh is a visual storytelling specialist, a creative coach, and a branding wizard. She helps change-making entrepreneurs stand out in their markets, create images that are aligned with their genius and their values, and influence culture. To know more about The Bureau of Tactical Imagination and work with Amy Walsh, visit her website at

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In this episode, Amy Walsh and I talk about:

· How she got started in business
· How to visually tell the story of your brand
· Amy Walsh’s tips on visual storytelling
· How to unleash your inner genius

How to connect with Amy Walsh:

· Amy Walsh (
· Tactical Imagination Club Facebook Group (

Resources mentioned:

· Canva (
· MASTER the ART of VISUAL STORYTELLING at the Tactical Imagination Club Facebook Group (
· 24 Creative Process Prompts (
· Lacey Craig: Lit Up and Loaded Entrepreneur (

Amy says:

“Every business builder, every business owner is a cultural agent. We’re all actively contributing to and shaping the cultures around us.”

“We are cultural and creative beings living in a very visual, cultural landscape; and there’s so much there that we can access once we have a few tools and some confidence to access it.”

“Every single human being, including you, is limitlessly creative.”

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