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Sep 25, 2017

Dr. Lizette, or as she calls herself, The Queen of Psychology, is also a client-attraction specialist, behavioral scientist, Psychology professor, and consultant. She helps ambitious women to set up with confidence in their zone of genius and create an in-demand brand, and attract clients using proven psychological strategies. To learn more about Dr. Lizette, go to

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In this episode, Dr. Lizette and I talk about:

  •         The psychology of attracting clients
  •         How she ventured off into the entrepreneurial space
  •         Pain and gain and its  importance
  •         The three components of pain points
  •         How to manage being in authority while being vulnerable
  •         How she is coping with having a new baby and being a mom while doing business at the same time
  •         Business foundations and why you need them
  •         How to stand out from your area of expertise


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Dr. Lizette says:

“They need to be able to feel like they can relate to the people either that you’ve helped or you as an individual who has gone through it, too. Otherwise, they may feel like they’re not going to be able to get helped by you.”   

“If you say yes to something, you’re automatically saying no to something else.”

“I’m not going to be remembered if I don’t stand for something. If I try to be everything for everyone, then I’m going to end up being nothing for no one.”

“Don’t try to be like everybody else. Be you, boo, that’s what I say.”

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