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The Impact Driven Entrepreneur: Scale and grow your online business with group coaching

Oct 9, 2017

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Worthiness. What does it mean to you? Why do we need to talk about it? One word could bring a lot of change in your business.

What you will have a better understanding of in this episode:

  • How “charging your worth” actually hinders and stops people from getting the results they wanted.
  • Step one to owning your worth: understanding everyone is 100% equal.
  • Step two: detaching money as a definition of worth.
  • How to set up a price point: the audience you serve and the value you are providing and how much of a difference it creates them.
  • Step three: reconnecting with your true self, detaching from the physical roles you are playing, and seeking help.
  • Step four: freeing yourself from comparisonitis.  

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Mariana said:

“If you think we are all equal, then you are equally worthy.”

“If you are finding it hard to see your worth or see your role in the world beyond the things you’re doing every day, then it might be time to dig a little deeper into the soul, spiritual side of things.”

“The desires you want are only your desires because they are truly your path.”