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Welcome to the Mom Entrepreneur Success Podcast with Mariana C. Ruiz. The podcast for the go-getter mom entrepreneur who refuses to let motherhood slow her down from achieving success and making an impact. Tune in Mondays to learn the success secrets of top influencers who also happen to be Moms so that you can reach the success, freedom and impact you desire.
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Mar 20, 2017

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In this episode, I talk about an important topic: how to manage money in your business.

Here’s what you will learn:

• Four main tips on managing money in your business
     1. Separate personal finances from business finances
     2. Make sure you’re paying yourself
     3. Start saving for taxes
     4. Remember: money is just a number
• How to legally set up your business
• How much you should spend on different areas of your business
• How to change your relationship with money

Resources mentioned:

• Parent Entrepreneur Power Podcast Legal set up of your business
• Money mindset help (my biz bestie) Keri Gavin
• S1E1 You Have The Power To Create Success with Mary Kathryn Johnson (
• Entrepreneurial Moms Community (

Mar 13, 2017

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Stacy Moscotti is a Philly-based entrepreneur who teaches single moms how to be victorious badasses and reach extraordinary levels of passion, success, and happiness in all areas of their lives. She recently launched her first online school called “Live Life Bravely With Stacy Moscotti.” Log on to to discover more.

In this episode, Stacy Moscotti and I talk about:

• What she does and how she got started in entrepreneurship
• What she wished she knew when she was still struggling
• How being a mom has impacted her business and vice versa
• What success means to her
• Stacy’s tips for moms: how to work on their schedule

How to connect with Stacy Moscotti:

Resources mentioned:

• Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
• The Landmark Forum (

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Mar 6, 2017

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Today, we have Jennifer Maynard on the show. Jennifer is a leadership and business coach serving entrepreneurs and executives who are ready to launch their unconventional life. She believes everyone can create the flexible life that they want with their career.
Here’s what we talked about:

• How she got started and what prompted her to go in the direction of coaching business
• The story behind their move to Costa Rica
• How being a mom has impacted her business and how it has played a huge part in their decision-making
• Jennifer’s definition of “unconventional”
• The lessons she has learned along her journey and how she views failures
• Her three tips on making your business stay sustainable

Resources mentioned:
Launch Your Unconventional Life Workbook (

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