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The Impact Driven Entrepreneur: Scale and grow your online business with group coaching

Nov 13, 2017

Marketing and Sales: I used to look at these as the same thing and separating them made a world of difference in my business and allowed me to double my income this year.

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In this episode, I will elaborate on:

  •         The difference between marketing and sales and how they work synergistically in your business
  •         A few different scenarios of when either marketing or sales get to be the focus and what happens in the business.
  •         When the sales process begins and why you must know this in order to close more sales.
  •         The thing you must be razor focused on to get more clients.

Resources mentioned:

Mariana said:

“Sales and marketing are two different entities but they work synergistically together to get clients.”

“People are focused just on closing the sale when really, the sale starts way before the actual conversation ever happens.”

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