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The Impact Driven Entrepreneur: Scale and grow your online business with group coaching

Aug 6, 2018

Stu McClaren says “The longer your runway the bigger the launch”.


That is what we are going to be talking about here today. How we can use a long runway to grow your launch list for your group coaching program.


I will say a few things now as a disclaimer: This works best for proven funnels and launches. That means if you do not have an existing system that works this is not really going to get you the growth you are looking for.


  1. You want to create desire for your program. I call this seeding. Essentially it requires you to have a branded program that you are running over and over again and that you mention even outside of the launch. Prior to the launch you can start to more intentionally seed it sharing results of what other people who have been through it have gotten, behind the scenes etc.
  2. Your content leading up to your launch must be congruent. So if you have a program on eating clean for example. You will create content leading up to the launch that explains why eating clean would be helpful, how it’s actually pretty easy to do, why it’s the best way to lose weight. When your launch trigger comes out you already have the background knowledge needed for them to know that opting in is a must for them..furthermore the same triggers you use for the opt in are congruent with buying so when the offer comes out they know its a must for them too!
  3. See how this all has to be done really intentionally. It cannot be on a whim. Whatever goes down on paper. Its really about being strategic and sitting with the content that you will be publishing and how it will create desire for your program.
  4. Multiple touch points: What I have done for launch runways before that have worked the best is having multiple touch points throughout the launch: so it could be a blog post, a pre-launch freebie, videos, live videos, podcast in combination. No one is consuming EVERYTHING you put out there so having multiple touch points is the key to getting the message across. Also some people gravitate towards specific types of content.

I would love to invite you to do a launch intensive with me to iron out what your pre-launch would look like. And as I mentioned, if you do not yet have a funnel or launch that has worked for you but you still listened all the way to the end I want you to get to work on creating your proven funnel. To create a system that works off the charts (meaning multiple 5-figure launches) you have to tweak and improve your launch system until it does perform as well as you want. That's exactly how I have done it. I did not wake up one day and have it all figured out. It took mastery over my own sales system. I would love to coach you around doing that for your own business. Let’s hop on a call to see what working together could look like go to to apply for a complimentary call.