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The Impact Driven Entrepreneur: Scale and grow your online business with group coaching

Nov 21, 2016

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Today I have Dana Malstaff on the show. Dana is a mother, an author, a business and content strategist, coach, podcaster, a blind spot reducer, and founder of The Boss Mom Movement. She is the author of Boss Mom: The Ultimate Guide To Raising A Business And Nurturing Your Family Like A Pro.

Here is what we talked about:

  • How she got started in the online business and managing motherhood and entrepreneurship all at once
  • The reasons behind the birth of Boss Mom
  • Business in Dana’s point of view: gifts over passions
  • How being a mom has impacted her business on a day to day basis and choosing the people to work with
  • In business and friendships: it’s not about picking your niche, it’s about picking your life
  • What success means to Dana in relation to how she wants to live life
  • Building a team and delivering great value
  • What she does to stay on top of her game
  • How she overcame her most unforgettable failure
  • Dana’s piece of advice: be honest

 “You should start a business based on your gifts and not on your passions, because when you do that, then you can infuse your passions into your business but your gifts are what come easy to you.”

“When you’re chasing the money, it’s harder to get it. And when you’re chasing the dream, so to speak, as long as you’re focused with it, money comes quicker.”

“Great entrepreneurs have great teams and great support systems and great communities.”

 “Your goal is not to just start a business and run a business. Your goal is to raise and nurture a business so that it can contribute to the community and contribute to the world through your gifts and what you’re building. That should be your ultimate goal. If you can stay focused on that, then success is imminent, I believe.”  

“Be open and honest with yourself and the world, and it will actually do more good than you generally think it would.”

“Think about your gifts in terms of how your brain as opposed to the task you perform coz it opens so many opportunities for you about what you could be doing outside of corporate America or even just shifting what you’re doing in your business.

Resources Mentioned:

Boss Mom: The Ultimate Guide To Raising A Business And Nurturing Your Family Like A Pro
Boss Mom Podcast
Boss-Moms Facebook Group

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