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Welcome to the Mom Entrepreneur Success Podcast with Mariana C. Ruiz. The podcast for the go-getter mom entrepreneur who refuses to let motherhood slow her down from achieving success and making an impact. Tune in Mondays to learn the success secrets of top influencers who also happen to be Moms so that you can reach the success, freedom and impact you desire.
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Feb 13, 2017

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In this episode, I talk with Sara Speicher, a mom of two kids, best-selling author, business strategist, and performance mentor for high-achieving women entrepreneurs. She went from basketball to business, to motherhood, take a listen as she shares her amazing and inspiring story.

I’m excited to share with you these bits from our interview:

• How her basketball career started and her rollercoaster journey from Slovenia to New York, and how she started her own business
• The impact motherhood has had on her day to day life and how having a second child changed her view on being an entrepreneur
• Sara’s definitions of success and what it means to her
• What she wished she knew sooner and how commitment became a powerful tool in growing her business faster
• Sara’s tips on investment: where and how to get started investing in your business for maximum return on investment
• What she does to stay on top of her game and how she manages to keep up with her kids’ activities
• The biggest struggle she faced, how she overcame it, and lesson/s it taught her

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