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The Impact Driven Entrepreneur: Scale and grow your online business with group coaching

Jan 1, 2018

It’s the start of a brand new year and I want you to begin it with getting consistent sales in your business.

Make 2018 your best year ever by following these steps:

  1.    Use social media for lead generation
  2.    Work on a list of people that you want to stay in contact with
  3.    Take the time to follow up
  4.    Get people on the phone
  5.    Use the momentum to keep going

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Mariana said:

“If you go deep, you don’t have to go as wide. So, it’s really just about making sure you’re staying connected with the people that you really and truly want to serve and help.”—Mariana Ruiz

“The more I do it, the more I see the power of it.” –Mariana Ruiz