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The Impact Driven Entrepreneur: Scale and grow your online business with group coaching

Jan 22, 2018

Today’s episode is packed with valuable nuggets from our amazing guest, Lisa Carpenter! She talks about her journey as an entrepreneur and about all things business. She also shares her secret sauce in life, which is none other than self-care!

In this episode, we talk about:

  1. How Lisa’s business evolved from personal training into nutrition
  • How you eat actually impacts how you perform in your business and in your life, so Lisa learned a lot about nutrition and started building out her signature program
  1. Lisa’s signature program: E.A.T. (Education, Action, Transformation)
  • Lisa created E.A.T. to help women take the principles around how you can eat to transform your body but also your ability to choose and create your own framework around that.
  • The E.A.T. program is basically a recovery plan for people who really struggle with their relationship with food, people who have an addiction to food and use food to numb their feelings.
  1. Lisa’s thoughts on showing vulnerability and sharing openly online
  • It’s so important that you give yourself a safe space and a safe container where you can truly go deep within yourself because you don’t want to end up opening up to the public about things that you haven’t even really processed yourself.
  • Share the scar, not the wound.
  1. Why you should always make sure that you have a coach on your team
  • It’s not the strategies that you need more of. The hard work really comes from the willingness to get introspective and to really focus on your thoughts and feelings, beliefs and behaviors.
  1. Lisa’s advice on what to do when you find yourself facing obstacles
  • Find the right coach to support you through that because it’s never about the business or the business strategy, it’s about you.
  • Have the courage to start digging into the things that are holding you back.
  • Stop being so hard on yourself. If you learn to have more compassion and kindness for yourself in business, you can accomplish so much more.
  • You have to trust that the universe is giving you exactly what you need when you need it and that everything you want wants you, but it may not look the way you think it’s going to be.
  1. Lisa’s book, Let’s E.A.T.!
  • Lisa’s decision to write Let’s E.A.T.! was all about how she could take all the work she had been doing for the past two decades and pull it together in a way that gives people a comfortable gateway to explore what she does without having to jump into one of her programs.
  • Let’s E.A.T.! has a ton of mindset work around it and contains the E.A.T. framework, which is how do you work with different foods so that you get to choose what you’re eating, as well as a huge resource section.
  • Let’s E.A.T.! is Lisa’s way of creating a legacy for her work as her work continues to transform.
  1. What entrepreneurs have lost sight of
  • If you are a coach, a healer or a strategist, yes, you want to have a massive impact, but that massive impact comes from working with one person at a time. Put your focus on how you can impact that one person.
  • Success is not the outcome and the results but the journey and the process.


Resources mentioned:

Danielle LaPorte

Let’s E.A.T.!

“There’s no personal growth quite like being an entrepreneur.” — Lisa Carpenter

“Judgment and curiosity can’t hang out together. They can’t coexist.” — Lisa Carpenter